joão nunes da silva has already written four books:  “Aveiro Natural” (2000)  and “O Tejo do Estuário“(2002) both from the publisher Quetzal. He has published “Photographing Nature in Portugal and Spain” in 2010 from the publisher Afrontamento.

My new book “Portugal from North to South”, also from the publisher Afrontamento in 2015, is finally ready and available in bookstores. It was a two-year project. Is a personal and intimate book that intends to show the beauty and magnificent natural heritage that this country hosts. Located in the Southwest of Europe, Portugal enjoys the privilege of  having the Atlantic Ocean bathing a good part of its territory. It has also unforgettable mountains, magnificent forests and extensive wetlands, among other areas. Through this book you will gain an idea of the beauty of this country, and of some of its nature. More than 230 pictures, together with a descriptive caption, a stylized map with the locations which will allow you to easily identify the region where the photographs were taken.

In case you wish a signed book you can email directly.


The four books of the photographer.

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