joão nunes da silva was born in Lisbon, Portugal. He has been a freelance nature photographer and journalist since 1991. He has written books and numerous articles for trade press in nature and travel, which include National Geographic Portugal,  BBC Wildlife, Countryside and World Birdwatch Magazine. He has collaborated with National Geographic Portugal since 2003. He also collaborated with National Geographic Nordic, with a work published in swedish, danish, norwegian and finnish. His images of nature have also been published in newspaper Público (see a little interview) and weekly newspaper Expresso, among others. He created ilustranatur the image bank, specializied in nature photography of Portugal. Parallel to his activity as a photojournalist, he has had numerous photographic surveys on natural heritage to various organizations in Portugal. He has also been invited to take part in several juries on nature photography contests and to make presentations on the same topic. He has travelled to many natural areas, not only in Portugal but also abroad. His favourite areas to photograph nature are the estuarine and high mountain. His photographs have been exhibited in several exhibitions, especially in Lisbon, Aveiro, Porto and Matosinhos. He has received some awards for his photographs of nature over Portugal. He loves to photograph the rural areas in Portugal. He is the author of four books. His last book Portugal from north to south was published in 2016. Is a personal and intimate book that intends to show the beauty and magnificent natural heritage that this country hosts. João is currently working on a new book about flamingos.

all photos   |  © joão nunes da silva


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